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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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l have over 25 years’ experience, and connect with clients all over the world via email, skype and in person readings. l am an intuitive, clarvoyant, clairsentiant and clairaudant energy reader who offers guidance, insight, wisdom, and clarification on any area of your life you need support with. l connect to your higher-self to channel messages that come through in a direct, open, gentle way making you feel at ease with my calm compassionate manor, and excellent delivery of messages where l look into your past, present and future to give perspective, insight, clarification, and guidance on your difficulties, problems, and worries. l am here to help, guide, and support you by helping you to find the answers you seek regarding decisions and choices so you can make the right ones for ultimate soul growth.


l incorporate a mix of intuitive, oracle angel cards, channelled messages, and spiritual life coaching techniques into my readings helping you to make positive proactive life changes in any area of your life you need help with.


l specialise in:



Spiritual development/life path

Health and general well being



Sometimes l may also receive a message from spirit from either your guide or a loved one from spirit. Each reading is very unique as one may be just to relay messages from the cards and another may incorporate all ways of connecting. Your guides and spirit know what is right and is needed for you at any given time.


What is important to remember is we are all in control of our own life, and have free will and free choice, it’s just sometimes along the way we come across difficult situations and become confused at what to do next. A reading can help you to regain focus and clarity, and can bring much needed comfort, support and love at those times when you can't seem to see a way forward. It can also help you to gain back your inner power, and strength, to enable you to make the right decisions and choices in your life. Listen to your heart and your intuition at all times too, as these are your greatest councillors


Readings are offered:

In person (London area only)

Skype or FB video calling