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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Wendy is a writer, artist, spiritual life coach, energy healer and reader, and has self published her book ‘Inner Calling’ - ascension wakening, and Goddess ascension oracle cards. She shares ascension energy updates via her facebook page, and articles that cover a wide range of everyday life experiences and challenges.


Wendy has over 25 years’ experience in readings, and healings. She is a highly intuitive empath, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, open and at times very direct with her approach to how she works with clients. She offers guidance, support, clarification and insight to help you release blocks that may be stopping you from moving forward on your life path, and blocks to showing the world your true authentic self.


Via spiritual mentoring, readings, healings and soul portraits that she offers to clients she helps you to find your own answers to your questions, and guides you into walking in your truth, and how to attain your true soul calling.


Her healings, attunements and activations aide you on your ascension journey and life path, and can help eliminate physical, mental, emotional issues, and remove blocks to your spiritual development and ascension process. Her healing abilities enable her to see right into your physical and spiritual body to give a powerful life changing healing. She works predominantly by absent/distance healing.


Soul portraits are a unique way to see your true soul. She has a unique way of bringing out the spiritual essence of you, helping you to see yourself, and to empower you with belief and faith in you. She reveals spiritual gifts, past lives, and guides you into seeing, remembering and utilising your spiritual gifts.


Her passion is to help guide others into seeing their true potential, and to awaken their authentic self through a process of transformational soul work, bringing positive life changes within themselves and their life.





If you would like to work with Wendy, have a question about any of the ascension and energy services she offers please send her Email. All emails are replied to within 24 hrs.


Please visit her shop for books, and oracle reading cards.










2018 - Blog - Soul Mirrors

2017 - Aura Light, Master/Teacher

2016 - Inner Calling ~ Ascension Awakening book (publisher and distributer)

2016 - Ascension Goddess Oracle cards (publisher and distributer)

2016 - Lightbody Attunement (founder)

2015 - Lazer Light healing (founder)

2015 - The Matrix Reality, Master/Teacher

2015 - Soul Star Signatures (founder)

2014 - Earth Light Reiki 1 & 2

2014 - Ascension Attunement healer/teacher

2014 - Dragon Heart, Master/teacher

2014 - Power of Dragon, Master/teacher

2014 - Crystal Dragons Empowerment, Master/teacher

2013 - to 2015 Ascension angels support group, offering support, guidance and teaching on ascension awakening energy.

2013 – Inner calling website offering a development section, online classes, readings, and much more.

2011 - 2012 EDI Diploma with distinction in Life Coaching via the home learning college

2011 - Associate of  EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)

2010 - 2014 Online Facebook page (Inner Calling) motovational, thought provoking, supportive, encouraging, enlightening words of wisdom to help inspire, uplift and support.

2002 - 2009 Online spiritual community forum offering support, advice, guidance on spiritual and everyday aspects of a persons life.

1999 - 2000 Reiki 1 & 2  

1999 - Spiritual healing