This healing and attunement cleanses your energy chakras and purifies them with white gold light energy that helps to activate them to full efficiency and restores balance. You also receive heart activation. This is a powerful attunement, which accelerates your ascension and spiritual journey, and awakens spiritual gifts and empowers ones you already use. The main part of this attunement is the opening, healing, and activation of your heart energy center which is a great aide for your ascension journey.


Ascension Activation helps with;

• Awakening your divine spark within your heart

• Teaches you about self-love and authenticity

• Teaches you how to give unconditionally from the heart

• Connects your heart chakra to earths and the universe energy grid, this allows this free energy source to flow through you, which brings healing of your mind, body, and soul, and aides you in your healing powers.

• Removes or deflects negative energies of all kinds

• Teaches you about compassion, and humbleness

• Increase of peace and joy within you, which infiltrates into your everyday life.

• Activates rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation


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Ascension Attunement £65

Chakra cleansing, realigning and activations

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