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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Are you feeling stuck and confused?

Do you wish to remove blocks but unsure how to?

Are you having difficulties with decisions and choices and can’t decide what to do?


The ascension Journey can at times be confusing and unsettling and bring many changes to all areas of your life. An Ascension reading offers guidance and support with your spiritual journey and looks into your energy now, what needs releasing, and what’s to come. It also brings to light spiritual gifts and information about your soul path and purpose, which the ascension is awakening us to.


Angels and Ascended Masters are around us more so than ever to help us all move forward on our ascension journey leading us to our soul heart energy center. The reading helps you to awaken further, and ignite your heart center.


l also add my intuition/psychic interpretation to the reading, which l bring through via my soul heart and higher self to help you see the bigger picture to your ascension soul journey and what’s to come.



Ascension Reading £65

These readings are best done via Skype, but l can do email readings as well.

Once booking has been made l will email you to discuss which you would prefer.

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