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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Ascension Services

The ascension journey can be difficult and challenging at times,

below are several ascension services that can aide you with ascension shifts,

alignment and transformation.


To find out more about the services Wendy offers, and how you can work with her

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If you have any questions about the services please EMAIL Wendy.

What is the ascension awakening?

The ascension is a process where by our spirit is anchoring in light energy frequencies into our physical body, which activates and expands our chakra energy centers, our auric field, and begins to activate our dormant strands of our DNA structure, so we can become light bodies, by raising our energy frequency through a series of steps of purging and releasing of unwanted old energies within our subconscious and conscious mind, body, and soul. As our energy frequency begins to rise this raises our consciousness into higher consciousness states of awareness, where we begin to embrace our true authentic self; one of light and love.


The ascension is awakening and changing our DNA structure and activating each chakra energy center as it moves through them, starting from the root chakra and traveling upwards through each one, this is to purify them and attune them to the new frequencies. Once the ascension light energy reaches each chakra energy center it will release any unwanted energy and unblocks each one in turn. This can be felt as sensations and feelings within the particular chakra, and in some cases throughout the body, and are known as the Ascension symptoms.


Why is it happening?

The Ascension energy frequencies are activating our chakras, and anchoring in a lot of light activations especially for the heart and higher heart chakra energy centers. This is because the ascension process is helping us to remember and teaching us how to use and work with our higher heart/brain. Everything will be functioning through the heart chakras; thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions, this is possible as the pineal gland and the pituitary gland (situated in our brain, and part of the brow chakra – 3rd eye) are being finely tuned to work alongside our new ‘heart brain’. Our higher mind and higher heart will be working collectively together to heighten our spiritual abilities; it will even lead to a future of telepathy, healing in miraculous ways, and ascending into 4th, 5th and higher dimensions.


As we travel on our ascension journey we will encounter many difficulties and challenges, this is because as our body becomes lighter and more in tune with energies we will feel everything a lot more acutely than before.


What is the ascension leading us to?

The ascension journey is helping our physical body blend with our spiritual body and vice a versa to become a lighter body of light and love. The ascension process is showing us the way back to our heart center; our divine essence of who we really are, a spirit of the Divine/source/higher creator/God, and is awakening various psychic / supernatural / extrasensory abilities that we all have the ability to use. Together, we are creating the New World, or the new version of heaven on Earth.


The way to ascension is;

•To be open to the changes, ‘go with the flow’.

•To work on self-healing through a process of purging, elimination, and releasing of all unwanted heavier energies stored in the subconscious and conscious mind.

•To increase your energy frequency vibration by aligning more with Divine love, light, truth, abundance and your inner power.

•To embrace the changes.

•To raise your consciousness into higher consciousness.

•To live in the Now.


l can help you with your ascension journey via spiritual mentoring programs, attunement healings, and readings. please see the relevant links for more information and to make a booking. l look forward to connect with you.


My Ascesnion Awakening book is now available to buy, to find out more and for orders please visit the SHOP

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