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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Do you feel weighed down and blocked?


Do you feel that your energy is not all yours?


Do you find yourself suddenly emotionally upset for no reason?


Do you feel generally unwell, tired and unbalanced?


All of the above can come from strong unhealthy cord attachments from people you know, and sometimes from people that you do not know.


Negative energy attachments can also be from past lives, and hold karmic negative residue, and negative entity attachments can bring unbalance to your energy centres and your overall wellbeing.


l assist light beings with this energy work that removes the attachments, and negative cords to bring a powerful cleanse, and realignment of your energy centres.


Healing is done via distance healing, and is best if you sit at the same time as l do the healing work.

You also receive a written report to what l saw and what was done.

Entity and Attachment removal, and cord cutting healing

£65 GBP/ $82 USD/ $109 AUS/ 73 EU

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