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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Couple Portraits with a reading

Couple portraits with readings (partner or family members)


‘Couple portraits express each person as an individual and then the synergy of your relationship through the use of colour, ancient symbols, and geometry that are incorporated into your portrait.’


Wendy connects to your energies via a photo, and receives information and impressions intuitively about your relationship looking into past lives, future lives, and what is going on in this life for you both. You receive information on your ascension and spiritual paths through the messages she receives about your individual soul paths and purposes in this life, that gives you both insight on how best you can utilise your energy and inner power to push yourself forwards on your life paths, into experiences and opportunities that bring great growth for your souls, and ignites the passion within your hearts.


The portrait can represent a past life or a crossover of many lives that you had together, that show your strengths and gifts to aide you in this life for your individual soul paths, and looks at what you bring to each other too.


Couple soul portraits are a great way to understand more about your soul connection and will help with the following;

  • Intensifies your spiritual connection.

  • Awakens your life purpose that you have together.

  • Acknowledging your divine connection and guidance.

  • Heals your mind, body, soul, and hearts.

  • Helps you to remember your true selves, and to embrace your truth and love for one another.

  • Sheds light on your individual life paths, and how to embrace them with clarity.

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For all inquiries, pricing, and bookings please EMAIL Wendy