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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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NEW -Energy Healing ~ The Four Bodies

‘Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual’


Once Booking has been made Wendy will email you to confirm, and to set a day/time for the sessions.

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Are you feeling trapped by life’s circumstances?

Do you feel stuck and unsure of where you are going and what to do?

Do you feel tired and lethargic with lack of motivation?


Due to hectic lifestyles and everyday stresses and strains we can become depleted of energy, which can have consequences for our general health and wellbeing.


An energy healing can restore your energy, bringing breakthroughs to feeling stagnant, suffocated and stifled, allowing your energy to flow more efficiently and aide movement forwards on your life path.


The healing helps you on an emotional and mental level by releasing unnecessary stagnant energy built up from fear, doubt, insecurities, worry and even anger, which are brought forward via your thoughts and feelings, that often lead to physical symptoms.


Energy healing consists of a skype or FB video chat 30-minute session followed by an absent/distance healing 30 minute session focusing on restoring your energy system through releasing old energies to bring wellbeing and balance.


During the skype/FB video chat l gentle guide you to look at what is emotionally and mentally causing you problems where we explore your emotions and feels, and look at ways to overcome any struggles within yourself and your life with practical approaches and self-help techniques.


The healing session focuses on your physical and spiritual bodies to release old stagnant energies, and a rebalance of your chakras (energy centres).





£85 consisting of a skype/FB session and a healing