Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Are you unsure of your spiritual gifts, and wish to learn and understand more about them?

Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes and going around in circles, and would like to know how to break the patterns and move forwards positively?

Do you often have de ja vu moments, and meet people you feel you have know before, and want to know why this happens, and if its related to past lives?

Would you like to move forwards on your spiritual path and into your highest potential?


If you have answered yes to several or all of the above questions then you are ready to delve even deeper into the inner workers of your soul and spirit.


A galactic portrait shows you your inner spiritual strengths, focusing on a past life or a number of past lives that are incorporated into the portrait via powerful symbols, shapes, and colours that all hold special messages for you to understand and learn more about your soul and spirit.



About the portrait

Wendy connects to your energy via a photo of you and receives impressions, visions, and messages about your past lives that she incorporates into your drawing. She is guided to bring through the strongest and most meaningful representation of a past life into your portrait, that will hold special significance for you in this life. The drawing will look like you facially, but she may be guided to give you different colour hair and eyes all depending on what is channelled through for you, and will be a representation of the past life that is predominantly brought through for you, which will have galactic connotations within it with symbols and particular colours and objects that hold special messages for you in this life.


About the reading

The past life reading looks into your past lives and what you have brought through from them into this life to learn more about, and utilise to full potential, and also looks into what karmic debts you may have and how to work on them to heal and release them in this life. This a powerful reading that helps your ascension and spiritual journeys by addressing inner issues and blocks, and how to embrace your full souls passions and purpose in this life. There will also be a description of the drawing with information on any symbols and objects that are channelled into the drawing.







For all inquiries, pricing and bookings please EMAIL Wendy