Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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During the spiritual mentoring sessions you will receive support, knowledge, and teachings to help you with your spiritual development, where you will be able to ask questions and learn some great techniques to enable you to connect to the inner you and begin to empower your energy to empower your life in rich rewarding ways.


The mentoring program will be as many sessions as you feel is needed which is done through skype (90mins) and follow up email correspondence.

l can do in person sessions in London, England.


This is a great way to help you with your spiritual development and aide you in moving forward on your life path.


Below are some of the topics covered, depending on where you are on your spiritual development and ascension journey will determine what is discussed and taught. As the mentoring session progresses you will have a chance to explore other areas you feel you wish to learn and want to know more about. l work intuitively and through heart energy and may also be guided to talk about and teach certain subjects not mentioned below if l feel it is appropriate for your souls development.



Where they are in the body, corresponding colour.

How they work, why, and what are they used for.

How to cleanse, balance, and attune them.


Energy circuit

What is energy

How to protect, ground, and center your energy

Connection to Earth and the Universe energy

How to give healing to yourself and others



what is visualisation

How to do visualisation and its uses

Visualisation techniques



What is meditation

How to meditate

Meditation techniques

Connecting to guides/higher - self



What is ascension and activation symptoms

How to help ascension



Spiritual Development (Ascension) Mentoring

£55 per hour sessions via skype


For all inquiries and bookings please EMAIL me