I have over 25 years experience giving intuitive and angel card readings via email, skype and in person.

I connect to your energy via my soul heart and higherself to give open, very direct heart felt readings, offering you

insight, guidance, and clarification on any area of your life you are having difficulties with.


Readings are by email, in person (London, England) or skype/FB video calling, and are 3 question readings unless stated otherwise.

For email readings I connect to your energy via a photo of you.


To read more about the readings offered, and to make bookings please click on the relevant links below.


If you have any enquiries about the readings please Email 

Energy (intuitive), Angel Cards, and spiritual life coaching Readings

love spiral 11th chakra diamond 1111 ascension crown Image11 INPERSON/SKYPE 1hr £45 ASCENSION PATH SOUL PATH & PURPOSE ABOUT READINGS RELATIONSHIPS / LOVE GENERAL 3 QUESTION £55

Special Reading

Special Reading

'Dear Wendy,

I just wanted to let you know how uplifted and healed I felt after your reading, and also to say what a wonderful reader you are: Your intuition is excellent and your delivery is filled with gentleness and compassion. I felt so at ease and comfortable in your healing light and felt that you really listened to what I had to say, which was very reassuring for me.


You confirmed many of the things I have been told before by another (very famous) reader and added a few more eye openers which gave me confidence in the future. In fact, my worries seemed to evaporate by the end of the session and I left feeling like a different person.'


'Thank you so much, it completely resonates with me, what's going on in my life right now, and what I need to work on, you confirmed my feelings on my relationship very accurately.'


'Thanks for today’s reading! It was like having a personal channelling session. I feel like after an energy healing: tired but content and happy. And I got the confirmation and empowering message - TRUST YOURSELF!

You do amazing work - you initiate shift. Glad I have found you!'