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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Your life is meant to have direction  

Your life is meant to have purpose.  

We are all meant to be doing something great right now.  

And that includes you!  


The question that many have thought aboutover the years is 'why are we here' and the answer is simply, to live, love, experience and learn.  We are creative beings and as such we want to experience everything that the universe has to offer us. Your purpose is to be the best you that you can be and this reading offers guidance and support on learning how to do that, by putting yourself first; something many of us are not taught to do.


This reading is a great way for gaining some real insight into yourself, your own inner workings, and connecting with your higher self.  It is wonderful for anyone that feels that they have a calling greater than what they are currently living, and teaches you how to get past the doubt and the fear in your own mind as well as silencing the criticism and the fear of others that may impact you.


How l work

l connect to your energy via a photo of yourself and receive information and impressions intuitively about your soul via my higher self about your past lives, future lives, and what is going on in this life for you. You receive information on your ascension and spiritual path through the messages l receive about your soul path and purpose in this life, that gives you insight on how best you can utilize your energy and inner power to push yourself forwards on your life path, into experiences and opportunities that bring great growth for your soul and ignites the passion within your heart.


Once booking has been made l will email you to ask for a photo and any questions you wish to put forward for the reading.


Soul Path & Purpose Reading £75