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Wendy Murphy

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Do you feel you are in a transition phaze?

Are you unsure of your soul path and purpose?

Do you wish to learn more about the inner you?

Have you yearnings to be more than you are, but not sure how to proceed?


By coming to Wendy's soul path and purpose page means that you are ready to embrace your authentic self, and are on a discovery phase of finding out the answers to life, and especially yourself and your purpose here.


Soul path and purpose portraits are infused with healing energy, each pencil stroke holds intentions of universal healing light and love that will help to aide you on your spiritual journey.


The portrait holds powerful symbols that you can work with in your daily life to bring empowerment to every area of your life. The reading explores your souls path and purpose looking into ways to utilise your spiritual gifts into your life, and helps you to see your true self so you can step fully into your inner power. The reading brings inspiration, guidance, and insight into your spiritual strengths and awakens truth and love within you.


About the portriat

Wendy connects to your energy via a photo of yourself, and receives information and impressions psychically and intuitively about your soul via her higher self about your past lives, future lives, and what is going on in this life for you. You receive information on your ascension and spiritual path through the messages she receives about your soul path and purpose in this life, that gives you insight on how best you can utilise your energy and inner power to push yourself forwards on your life path, into experiences and opportunities that bring great growth for your soul and ignites the passion within your heart.


The portraits can represent a past live or a crossover of many lives that show your strengths and gifts to aide you in this life, it all depends what Wendy's higher self brings through for you. Each pencil stroke is infused with love as she works through her heart centre to channel divine source energy into the drawing, that empowers it with energy that you will feel as you hold the drawing. A powerful art piece that you can hang within your power space at home, to remind you daily of your soul’s intentions and gifts that will help you to empower yourself and your life.





Soul Path & Purpose Portrait with Reading

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