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Ascension & Energy Services

Wendy Murphy

Inner Calling

Soul Energy Signatures

Our soul is pure energy, pure light, and the ascension energy journey is transforming us into reconnecting with our soul heart; our inner light.


To bring our light out into the world to empower our life, and step into our powerful creative abilities we have to raise our energy frequency to flow with the universe, and allow the universe to flow through us to bring an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.


As we step into who we really are, and embrace our inner light, we connect with our soul heart and ignite the flame within, and our spirit begins to ascend to awaken our spiritual chakras, which aides our spiritual work to help others and also for our own development.


A soul energy signature represents your energy; your soul, through the use of colours, patterns, and shapes that you can use to represent yourself through your spiritual business, and also to empower your own energy too. When you look upon your signature it will activate your energy centers, connect you to your inner core; your soul, and awaken hidden inner knowledge.


l connect to your energy via a photo of you and receive images and impressions of your soul signature intuitively. Creations are channeled via my higher self, and made via digital, which you receive by email. You can use your soul signatures on your website, in your blogs, on Facebook and any other interactive social sites, and any where else you wish to represent your souls essence. You also have the option of an energy reading.

bluepurple2 mums sig

Earth Star


Soul Star Signature represent your spiritual souls energy and your connection to source


The soul star chakra is located around 6 inches above the crown chakra. It is usually white and gold in colour. This chakra connects you to the universe and once it is activated the soul ascends beyond the ego, which allows you to experience a more enlightened, spiritual, joyful and healthy physical life.


A soul star signature will help you to;

  • Explore the higher realms of angelic and divine energies

  • Unlock your spiritual gifts

  • Expand your consciousness awarenes

  • Activate greater connection to higher frequencies and dimensions

  • Flow with the universal manifesting and abundance energies


Soul Star

Earth Star Signature represent your earthly physical energy and your earth mission


The earth chakra is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. Often called the earth star chakra, it is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body.

This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth, and connects you with Mother Gaia.

Its strong properties keep you grounded and protected, and secures your aura within the physical world


A Earth soul signature will help you to

  • Explore the depths of your amazing life

  • Unlock your passions and souls purpose

  • Achieve greater peace, harmony and inner stability

  • Manifest greater prosperity, health, facilitate healing

  • Empower you to go beyond what you thought was possible


Relationship starmates energy signatures

~ Soul mates & twinflames ~


This is an energy representation of your combined energy, and will aide in activating energy centers within you both to help release any blocked energy that may be causing difficulties and the hot/cold scenario that often comes from soul mates and twinflame partnerships from occurring.


As you both look upon the creation your energy frequencies will resonate together through your higher soul heart to bind you closer together within your physical and spiritual bodies. This is also a powerful ascension activation too that will raise your energy frequency and propel you forwards on your spiritual journeys and life paths.


A relationship star-mate energy signature will help you to;

  • Explore the depths of your relationship

  • Manifest greater love, peace, happiness, bliss and joy

  • Expand your attention to your love energy connection

  • Empower your soul hearts with unconditional love

£25 Soul Star ONLY


£45 Soul Star with an energy reading


£25 Soul Star ONLY


£45 Soul Star with an energy reading

£45 Star Mates ONLY


£65 Star mates with an energy reading


I really love my soul signature! I could even feel my souls energy emanating from it! When I looked in the center of it I could see the rings moving and expanding. Seeing that happen gave me and very strong energy wave that lasted for days and it really expanded my energy. I really helped me grow spiritually as well due to this. I would highly recommend anyone to get one! ~ Larry

Thank you so much Wendy what an experience gazing at the image I was drawn right into the centre which lit up and rose out towards me as well as the circle around it and the light swirled round in circles i could feel the beautiful energy coming in through my 3rd eye and my heart and body filling with so much light and love then feeling at peace and bliss, then the image when flat again stopped moving and stopped being alight wow ~ Yvonne

I am very grateful for your guidance Wendy.Your work is helping me tremendously to connect the dots of my life. Uncovering a new layer. Lifting my inner veils.You are very gifted, and you are inspiring me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Annisa