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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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~ About starseed soul portraits


A Starseed soul portrait is a channelled drawing representing an aspect of your starseed higherself from higher dimensions, and is a great aide for your ascension journey. Through the symbols and colours in the portrait they bring ascension activations and awaken you further to your inner truth, and your soul’s higher calling. You also receive a channelled energy reading that focuses on your spiritual gifts, and brings through empowering messages offering guidance for your spiritual path and higher calling.



~ What are starseeds?


Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.

The motivations for all Starseeds to come to earth are to help and serve mankind as well as planet Earth. These beings very often have gifts to share with others such as in the areas of healing, channelling and spiritual education. There is a strong desire in Star Seeds to help others and usually there is a plan made prior to birth as to how this may be manifested and expressed when they become a human being. The details of this plan are called the Life Missions and represent potentials for individual Star Seeds and not certain destinies.


Common characteristics of all Starseeds:

A deep interest in spirituality

The ability to spiritually grow rapidly when needed as if they have done this before

A realisation that earth is not their true home

They feel drawn to outer space, the stars and science fiction

Personal Qualities such as being artistic, being sensitive and possessing higher consciousness

Star Seeds can have difficult and challenging lives

They sometimes have dreams or memories of places not on earth

They sometimes have experiences of physical and non-physical encounters with star guides and UFOs

They often have noticeable gifts in the areas of healing, channelling and psychic sensitivities


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StarSeed Soul Portraits with a reading

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