My soul path reading was spot on for me. Years ago I felt I was transforming as the caterpillar transforms into a magnificent, soaring butterfly and since my awakening around 8 months ago, I have felt my soul soar to great heights and have had realizations of what I am. All of my life I have been driven to hold love in a very high place, to protect it and to teach others the very depth of its sacred meaning and value even to the point of self-sacrifice. My passion is to let everyone know, LOVE is the only thing that will live on and last forever. I always felt I knew more than most about love but never knew why until this year as I discovered my Earth Angel status and life path. When I heal others I call down love from the divine source and all the energy that is available to me, including angelic, and I transform it with the pure intention of healing all that I can with love and all spectrums of light for their heart healing and protection so they will “see”, “know” and “feel” LOVE. My heart is so full of this love and has been for so many years I feel it will burst at times. I am humbled and honored to be a Goddess of transformation through heart energy, a Warrior Angel that protects Love and Light Worker. Thank you Wendy for the beautiful soul drawing, it truly is who I am. I love them both very much. You are a miracle and gift to the world. Love and Light dear Angel.  Namaste’  Marion Logan - Texas

Soul Portraits testimonials

Wendy's soul drawings are in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Europe.

Her unique ability  allows her to connect to peoples energy (via a photo of the client) to see into their soul, which she is then guided to draw a portrait of the client depicting their soul path and purpose through the use of imagery and symbols within the drawing which she receives through her psychic ability.

To order one please click HERE, or you can EMAIL Wendy with any questions or regarding any other art commissions,

' It is a stunning image she created that stunningly captured the energy of my reading. For anyone who is looking to enhance their energy, through a process of opening, clearing old energies, and aligning with positive flow of intentions - I think this type of unique service she provides combines a beautiful approach to aligning all of your dreams and desires. Having an personal image created for you by such a powerful mystic such as Wendy is simply a personal treasure on so many levels.' Laurie - New York

Dear Wendy,

Since I join your website "inner-calling" I have become your biggest fan.. Your words of wisdom, support, guidance helped me to find answers I was searching, inspire me to be good and do good..It helped me to open myself up more to others, to the world..

Soul drawing and reading done by Wendy was amazing!!- very nicely presented with all information about it, symbols and their meanings. I loved the drawing so much..I'm planning to frame it and hang every time I look at it it reminds me why I'm here, what is my soul purpose, what are my spiritual strengths..and what path I should take..

People like Wendy - is a treasure to this world. I'm so grateful I've met her..

Jurate - England

Dear Wendy  

From the bottom of my heart : thank you so so much for this artwork of love you have created!!! I got the parcel just before I came back to work and immediately had to open it   .... and I can tell you, I was so incredibly touched by what I saw and felt. I have never seen anything as touching and as much ME as this drawing of yours. When I came back home from work I lit all my candles and the fire, put in beautiful music, sat down, the painting in front of me, still and always so touched, and read your reading ... I couldnt stop crying, it was so so beautiful and resonating and all I ever felt was mirrored to me, like bathing in a sea of love. Thank you so much for recognizing me, for showing me myself and like this connecting me even deeper to my true self, my essence. I am full of gratitude and love for you   This is the most beautiful Christmas present I ever got.  

I hope you are very well and happy and wish you a wonderful time full of love and peace and joy, thank you so much for all you are and do, for showing us the beauty of ourselves, what a talent and gift you have    

Sending you lots of love and huge hugs  

I hope one day we will meet in person that would be wonderful <3 <3 <3

All my love <3 <3 <3

Claudiaxxx <3 <3 <3  - England -

Dear Wendy,


I waited with baited breath for my drawing to arrive, and wasn’t disappointed!

I love my personalized drawing, and all the symbolism represented within her.

As I shared with you, I had been told that a pair of my guides are Native American parents from a past life.  I had been a baby girl, but hadn’t lived, and my parents from that lifetime watch over me now.  I thought it was interesting, when you’d said to me that perhaps this drawing is a representation of who I would have grown up to have been.  


In my reading, you state “Through your soul you connect to source, where a free flowing energy river of healing is given to all, this is not just for people but for all life forms, and even mother earth herself.” I love this!  At this point in my life, healing is not my primary work, at least from a professional-work standpoint.  However, I do feel it is primary from a personal standpoint, and hope to move into it as I move forward in my learning, understanding, and practice.   Meanwhile, healing for individuals, and our dear Mother Earth is a part of my daily prayer.    


Blessings, Love & Gratitude to you Wendy,

Amanda, connecticut

Speechless Wendy... I am absolutely delighted!! You have answered many questions for me! I always knew that I was a trigger for others as I see it happen with everyone I meet, and some times I am too humble to admit that I might be that reason. You are so talented and I'm so glad I was guided to you! You have even captured my hair colour and eyes. I cannot stop looking at it! I have been having so many doubts about myself lately and doubting my healing business. I had also been given nudges that I am am able to assist souls in souls fragmentation and again your reading confirmed it. I was actually going to pack my business in. Also it's funny about the merkabah as I have signed up for a merkabah course recently!! Perfect. I am going to reference you on my website and Facebook page! I wish you all the success in the world you are amazing! Thank you, Pauline, Australia

I purchased the soul path drawing and reading as a belated Xmas gift for myself and I was not disappointed. I truly love my picture and soul path reading. There were so many things mentioned in the reading and drawn in the photo that I've never told a soul about. There were also things confirmed that I was having doubts about and wanting clarification on. Thank you Wendy for your amazing spirit and beautiful talent and creativity.

Charlene Miller - Canada

Dear Wendy. For the last year I was asking the question in myself, what is my life purpose? In our daily life it is hard to see the true you, and all of those feelings within you it hard to follow. One day I just felt I need the guidance, I need real connection with universe!! At that time, I saw your post. Intention came from my heart : " This is what I need!" I received my birthday present, my drawing, on exact date!! I was so impressed from my picture... While I was reading your drawing explanation, a lot of things in my head find the right place, all the answers came to me and the great thing, relief what I felt. It's something what I cannot explain. With your work you help me to see myself in different way! More deep, more open, more conscious. Even though, I'm not Native American and my language is totally different from yours, this great drawning  and reading what you did was totally understandable ! I can pick up everything as my own! It's amazing job!! I'm really thankful for your work and so impressed by your talent,  

Sincerely, Katherine. - Florida, USA

Thank you, Wendy! I just got it in the mail! The reading really touched me on a deep level, I could feel how pure and loving the message is, I felt like the angels and God spoke directly through you to me  You have a beautiful gift, and please never stop doing it! Much love to you, Wendy

Camilla  - Queensland, Australia

It confirms what all the messages I have been getting have been telling me lately.  I feel called to be ALL of this, yet I still have problems getting past the mind. It's annoying as my intention is always present but not the results .... yet ....


Thank you so much Wendy for your presence and creativity.  I am happy we were able to connect.  I can't wait to receive the picture and put it on my wall as a reminder of all that I can be for humanity.   Bless you woman. Love & Light,

Chantal - Quebec, Canada

I love it it speaks Volumes to me About where I need to go now cause it's been nugging @ me for a while to do healings again & the FEAR has set in from going through a very Bad Divorce so that's why I wanted for you to do this for me & I asked my Guides to speak through you to speak to me through the drawing & Now it makes SENSE HEALING is my Purpose So NOW I need to step into it & give any worries up to the Divinw Cause I know I can FLY!!!!! ~ Magdalena ~ Australia

Here is the breathtaking picture that the very talented Wendy Murphy created for me, upon recieving this wonderful gift in the post i was filled with a undescribable emotion, l opened it read briefly what Wendy had written and broke into tears, l then tried to share it with a few friends and started crying like a baby each time, l have hung this in my shop so each day l can look at her and be inspired to carry out the wisdom she represents, it's a extremely personal thing but l felt the need to share, many thanks to you Wendy for your amazing talent xxxx ~ Patsy ~ Australia

Thanks Wendy so much for my beautiful reading. I've found it to be spot on and very accurate. I really resonate with your messages about being authentic and genuine. I have always found it hard to be 'fake' or live in a way that doesn't feel right to my inner self, so it makes a lot if sense that you picked up on this as a main message. You were also very accurate about my work with children as I have always felt called to work and surround myself with children and see myself working with them to come in my future. I always have felt I was here to connect with children in some way. I just love their energy  Thank you soooo much. I want to read your reading again and really soak up the messages when j have some time on my own. I am so glad Pauline put me onto you as I love both my drawing and reading, thank you. I would highly recommend you to others and can't wait to show off my beautiful drawing to my family and friends. Thanks again!! ~ Carrie ~ Australia

Dear Wendy,


We have known each other now for a while.

I sensed from the beginning there was something.

The more along I got  on my journey The more you became a teacher to me.

My Journey began 40 years ago but became rapidly accellerated three years ago.


Thanks to your drawing , more your reading actually I feel as if doors have been opened inside.

Your drawing makes me feel warm inside and Proud of myself.

I now better understand the Why and How of a lot of incidents in my life.

I now dare to come to terms with my seemingly strong powers.

I now dare to go out into the world and share my gifts.


Thank you for that

May you be Blessed in your work.


<3 Ferdy

Deep recognition. The portrait is stunning. Every time I look at it, I just smile and feel my inner love and truth. The symbols are spotted on. They are so part of me, that I did not even pay attention to them. They were everywhere. Now I am able to see this. Such a wonderful gift. The soul purpose reading is beautiful, clear, and focused on bringing me empowering informations for this life. I received so many confirmations when I was integrating this. I was speechless. Almost freeze. For few days. Needed space to open up to this shift, and adjust to the beauty and depth of the inner truth I was awakening to.

I am very grateful for your guidance Wendy.Your work is helping me tremendously to connect the dots of my life. Uncovering a new layer. Lifting my inner veils.You are very gifted, and you are inspiring me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Highly recommended

~Anissa ~ -France

Since I started to connect with Wendy and embracing, yet holding the soul portrait in my mind's eye has greatly fast forwarded my spiritual journey of be-coming. The puma totem resonates so true, as I need to connect with my power and this power is beginning to surface more every day from my observation; therefore, it appears that what once was left untapped is now being used more than it ever has before. That power begins its manifestation through working with my puma totem energy, yet it is up to me towards coming into my own power. We have all been given the necessary tools or gifts to reach our potential in this lifetime and I thank you Wendy, as you have the gifts upon waking up many to this fact and to get with our INFINITE BEING. ~ Issac

Hi Wendy I received my portrait and reading last week but have held off opening it until just now. Wow you have read my life purpose to a tee. Thank you for confirming what I have felt lately it to be. It now gives me the reassurances to trust in myself and continue my life's journey to be on the right track. Thank you also for the meaning on my crystal Citrine. I have always loved this stone but now have a better understanding of how it can be used in my life. Thanks again for your time. I am more then happy with your guidance, information and my portrait. Love and light Lynn - victoria, australia

Hi Wendy, finally made it out the house just to say my beautiful soul portrait and reading arrived yesterday, know it may sound daft but looked very familiar to me, felt so empowered looking into her eyes and could feel more awakening ofr me, the reading just sat so perfect;y for me and will really help me in my own and others healing no coincidence I spend most of my time working on my heart thank you so much ~ catalin ~xxxxxxxxxx