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Ascension and energy services

Wendy Murphy

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Soul portrait - soul path and purpose

Dear Wendy, I recently received one of your soul portrait as a gift for my birthday from my sister Helen Iles-Hughes. I must say form the bottom of my heart that no one before has ever feel my essence the way you have which left me speechless, overwhelmed and really impress. I am still trying to get over it. Your work has help me immensely to accept and recognize the gifts I was blessed with and for that you have all my gratitude. You are yourself a gift to this world and for that I am also thankful. All my love and blessings Namaste Samantha Cimiano



Hi Wendy! Ive been away so Im just re-reading everything. It was way more than i expected!! Thank you so much!!! I love all the insight you have about me and my daughter! We are super excited about our new spiritual path!! I felt the reading about brian is very accurate ! My son Jason is autistic so you were spot on about his friendship making! And i love what you see for ashlyn. Even though she is 5 years old, She is really my rock. I love love love the reading! Thank you! And keep up the good work



I am truly impressed, there are parts of the reading which really resonates with what is going on and about which we both talked about. Especially the recognition of the connection that goes beyond our understanding



Hi Wendy

Thank you SO much! This reading is very detailed and simply wonderful - exceeds my expectations actually!

I literally got goose bumps as I was reading it and I just felt a rush of gratitude and warmth throughout my body.

I felt as if all the guidance I was seeking has just flowed to me - through you, as a messenger. It gives me great reassurance and reconfirms what I intuitively thought as well, but you made me more aware and certain of my own thoughts and feelings!

It's been really enjoyable working with you and I'll recommend you to others too. Your guidance was exactly what I needed to hear. I am happy I found you on Facebook.

I will keep you posted! Thanks a lot!


Relationship reading

Update. Your reading so far has been spot on. My Twin Flame is definitely working through his negative karma and is unencumbered now as you suggested (of a 30 year unhappy marriage). We do still keep in touch and expect the move forward to occur as you predicted. You have by far provided the best reading I have had to date. Just wanted to say THANK YOU and if life gets confusing again, will contact you for future help as well as refer people to you. Have a glorious day!


Relationship reading 

Thank you so much, it completely resonates with me, what's going on in my life right now, and what I need to work on, you confirmed my feelings on my relationship very accurately...

Thank you so much...much love and light to you angel


Soul Portrait - soul path and purpose

I can't even begin to explain how much it resonated with me!  It also confirmed AGAIN what my soul's purpose is.  And I have to say, I pictured my design in my head when you asked about the colours, and this was exactly what I saw!!! Whoa!! Wow!  

Thank you so much Wendy!! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!  Thank you!! Kelley


Soul Portrait - Totem Animal

Wendy, you're a star! The soul totem animal picture is stunning, and the image is full of meaning for me you got the 'blue' cloak which others have mentioned and the moon, faeries, crystals, and an owl. I've always thought I must have a bird protector as I've always been drawn to them. The detailed description is fascinating and I'll enjoy exploring the meanings. Many Thanks for sharing your talent my drawing will be treasured xx


Soul Star Signature

My soul energy signature design. . .once again.... amazing energy work Wendy Murphy . . . what an honor and my trust upon you connecting with my 'energy'....definitely on point and resonates true, by way of my warrior art of mysticism....and "ZAI"...control of the (5) elements of nature.


Soul Star Signature

I really love my soul signature! I could even feel my souls energy emanating from it! When I looked in the center of it I could see the rings moving and expanding. Seeing that happen gave me and very strong energy wave that lasted for days and it really expanded my energy. I really helped me grow spiritually as well due to this. I would highly recommend anyone to get one! ~ Larry


Soul Portrait - Soul path and purpose

Your portrait is stunning. I can't stop looking at her. I have a deep recognition. Make me smile, and give me hope when I am going through an uncomfortable release. The symbols you saw had been with me all my life and I did not even notice them. I was even drawing them. The soul purpose reading was beautiful, clear, and focused. I know the truth when I read it. You nailed it. I appreciate particularly that you did not go into unnecessary details about parallel life’s, and focused on bringing empowering information’s for this life. I was speechless. I almost freeze. The thing is as it was for me, I had a very hard time to adjust to this truth. It sounds too good to be true.  I was and still am intimidated also. It is so far from who I am today. Just after I received your reading, I got several other confirmations. It was a lot to handle. I am not used to so much love and recognition. If it makes sense. I needed to retreat, to accept this is my Truth. I am still wondering how I will get there. It has nothing to do with your work. It is just part of my healing path I guess. I am very grateful for your guidance. Your work is helping me tremendously to connect the dots of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Soul Portrait - Totem animal

Since I started to connect with Wendy and embracing, yet holding the soul portrait in my mind's eye has greatly fast forwarded my spiritual journey of be-coming. The puma totem resonates so true, as I need to connect with my power and this power is beginning to surface more every day from my observation; therefore, it appears that what once was left untapped is now being used more than it ever has before. That power begins its manifestation through working with my puma totem energy, yet it is up to me towards coming into my own power. We have all been given the necessary tools or gifts to reach our potential in this lifetime and I thank you Wendy, as you have the gifts upon waking up many to this fact and to get with our INFINITE BEING.


Healing - Lazer Light

I had Wendy do a Lazer Light Distance Healing for me and I AM 110% satisfied with the healing I received yesterday. I wrote down 2 pages of what I was experiencing yesterday and am still experiencing today. The healing is magical the experience well worth the time. Wendy hit on all the issues I needed assistance with while having no information from me in doing so. Although it's exhausting I AM Grateful for her assistance on my journey. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to further their healing for the greater good of All and the journey in getting there. Peace be with you, Blessed be your Healings! Thank You dear Wendy.  ~ Tracy ~


Healing - Ascension Activation

I received a chakra balancing/cleansing/purifying heart activation from Wendy last night...Wow on waking this morning I felt emotional due to the powerful cleansing/heart activation l had received through the night. Wendy was amazingly accurate with the struggles l am having within my lower chakras. She intuitively knew what is going on with me on an emotional/personal level. Gave me great advice on moving forward and how to build up my inner power. Thank you for assisting me with self-love/accepting others, and helping me move forward emotionally and spiritually on my ascension path. I felt more at peace within myself today...Wooooohooo... hoping this feeling lasts and lasts!!

Love and blessings to you Wendy ~ Sharon ~


Soul portrait

Hi Wendy I received my portrait and reading last week but have held off opening it until just now. Wow you have read my life purpose to a tee. Thank you for confirming what I have felt lately it to be. It now gives me the reassurances to trust in myself and continue my life's journey to be on the right track. Thank you also for the meaning on my crystal Citrine. I have always loved this stone but now have a better understanding of how it can be used in my life. Thanks again for your time. I am more than happy with your guidance, information and my portrait. Love and light Lynn - victoria, australia


Soul portrait

Hi Wendy, finally made it out the house just to say my beautiful soul portrait and reading arrived yesterday, know it may sound daft but looked very familiar to me, felt so empowered looking into her eyes and could feel more awakening for me, the reading just sat so perfectly for me and will really help me in my own and others healing no coincidence I spend most of my time working on my heart thank you so much ~ catalin ~xxxxxxxxxx